Data Recovery Services  

Basic Recovery RM100
Logical Recovery RM1,050
Physical Recovery RM1,950
Add RM80 for on-site services to collect and return device*.
* Location must be within 20km from any of
  our locations.

Other services, please call.
Confidential data recovery services to recover data lost
by accidental deletion or reformatting, database corruption, mechanical failure
or fire and water damage.
InFromIT is working with the world leader in data recovery services to offer confidential, fast, convenient and cost-effective solutions to clients who have experienced data loss.  
Inaccessible disk drive or partitions
Data corruption
Mechanical hard drive failure
Hard drive surface damage
Accidental data or file deletion
Intermittent drive failure resulting in RAID degradation
Accidental reformatting of RAID 
Overwritten Tapes
Fire & water damage

We ensure absolute privacy and confidentiality of your valuable data with Non-disclosure Agreement for the following services :
  1. Malaysia Service Center Services
    Media sent to our location and normal data recovery performed by our engineering team.
  2. Cleanroom Recovery Services
    Cost effective solution for complex and extreme situations where hardware is not functioning properly or is damaged beyond normal recovery. Media sent to our location and data recovery performed in secure clean room labs designed for opening hard drives and other devices.
  3. Onsite Recovery Services
    Fast and secure solution for the most complex and sensitive situations.
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Recovery Pricing Details and Procedures
We have simplified the recovery services and pricing for our customers. Listed below are the cost for data recovery, starting from a very affordable RM100.

1. Basic Recovery – RM100

Data recovery done at Malaysia Service Center
  • If data recovery is not possible at Malaysia Service Center, case is transferred to Singapore for Cleanroom Recovery at no extra charge.
  • Evaluation report and recommendation for either Logical Recovery or Physical Recovery, List of Recoverable Files and Recovery Percentage is given to customer.
  • If customer does not wish to proceed with recovery, device is returned to customer at no extra charge.

2. Logical Recovery – RM1,050

Includes RM100 paid for Basic Recovery (pay additional RM950 only)
Data Loss is recovered by software tools.
Device with recovered data is returned to customer.

3. Physical Recovery – RM1,950

Includes RM100 paid for Basic Recovery (pay additional RM1,850 only)
Data Loss is recovered using hardware tools.
Device, Restore Instructions and Recovered Data on appropriate media (external HDD, CD, DVD, tape, etc.)  is returned to the customer.

File Recovery

Any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.)
Any laptop, desktop, server or other storage device make or models.
All causes of data loss - from simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations - including viruses, natural disasters, accidental deletion, system crashes, corruption, hardware failure and more
Outlook (PST/OST) files
Outlook Express (DBX) files
Access Database (MDB) files
Word (DOC) files
Excel (XLS) files
PowerPoint (PPT) files
Zip (ZIP) files

Digital Photo Recovery

Data loss from reformatting, overwriting.
Cracked, bent, burned or broken memory cards may cause failure resulting in unreadable media
Water damage - water may damage smart media to the extent that photos can’t be viewed

Email Recovery

Email & Exchange Recovery Solutions
Best and only option for email recovery following an Exchange server crash, hard drive failure or other mechanical system problem
Use any previous full backup to easily restore individual mailbox items directly to your production Exchange server or any PST file
Repair and restore Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Zip files that are accessible but cannot be opened.
Retrieve and restore deleted messages and repair corrupted Microsoft Outlook Express (DBX) and Microsoft Outlook files (PST & OST) files

Mobile Device Recovery

Logical failure – mobile device is in working order but some files or data cannot be accessed for logical reasons such as accidental deletion, overwriting, reformatting, lost partition
Physical damage – mobile device is not functioning caused by head crashes, motor failures, other destructive and accidental means of damage
Mobile & Handheld Device Failure caused by System crashes, Viruses, Power surges, Natural disasters (floods, fires, hurricanes) and Hardware failure.
BlackBerry, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, PC Cards (PCMCIA), SD Media, Pocket PC/WinCE, SmartMedia, USB Drives, xD Media, Palm and Digital Camera.

Hard Drive Recovery

For laptops, desktops and servers
Any interface: (IDE, EIDE), Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI, SAS, and Fibre Channel
Any combination of drives: single hard drive or multiple RAID drives
Any brand
Any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac etc)
Logical failure - the hard drive is in working order but some files or data cannot be accessed for logical reasons such as a lost partition or accidental reformatting.files
Mechanical failure - the hard drive is not functioning. The most common causes are head crashes and motor failures. In case of mechanical failure, hard disk recoveries are performed in dust-free clean room environments where they are carefully dismounted, examined and processed. Hard drives are imaged. A copy of the disk is made and transferred to a new system.

RAID Recovery

Any RAID level, RAID controller or RAID architecture
Any hard drive type, make or model
All causes of data loss - recover data from simple, to the most complex and catastrophic, data loss situations - including viruses, natural disasters, accidental deletion, system crashes, corruption, hardware failure and more
RAID Data Recovery Service Options

  1. Remote Data Recovery Services - If a RAID or SAN has only one drive failed, our remote data recovery service is the fastest, most convenient and cost effective solution for recovering data.
  2. In-Lab Data Recovery Services - For situations in which a RAID has multiple failed drives, our In-Lab data recovery services will utilise our cleanrooms to recover your critical data.
  3. On-Site Data Recovery Services - In cases where severe, large-scale data loss occurs or moving storage media would require too much downtime - performing data recovery procedures right at your facility may be the best option.

Database Recovery

Hardware damage at the storage device level (hard disk, SAN or RAID)
File system level damage - controlled by the operating system, the file system stores and organises system and user files.
File level damage - data loss within the file itself if the internal structure is corrupt.
SQL Server
Exchange Server database
SharePoint Database
Visual FoxPro DBF Database
Interbase Database
Paradox Database
Sybase Database
Oracle Database
MySQL Database
FileMaker Database
Lotus Notes Database
BizTalk Database

Tape Recovery

Corruption - operational error, mishandling of the tape or accidental overwrites caused by inserting or partially formatting the wrong tape
Physical damage - broken tapes, dirty drives, expired tapes and damage caused by fire, flood or other natural disaster
Software upgrades - inability for data on tape to be read by new application or servers
LTO formats including LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4
Super DLT, DLT8000, DLT7000, DLT II, DLT III, DLT IV, TK50/TK70
Sony AIT, AIT2 and AIT3
Travan Data Cartridge
1/2" Open Reel and Cartridges such as 7-track, 9-track, 3480, 3490, 3570, 3590, 9840
DC2000 mini data cartridge
Backup Formats Recovery Capabilities- Arcserve, Legato Networker, Veritas Netbackup, Microsoft tape backup, Unix tape backup (cpio, dump and tar), etc

VMware Recovery

RAID Failure
VMFS File system corruption on ESX server
Deleted files on VMFS
VMDK corruption
Format and Re-install on VMFS volume
Deleted files inside a virtual machine
VMware systems
VMware® Infrastructure 2 & 3 (ESX Server)
VMware® Server (GSX)
VMware® Workstation (all versions)