People who have never heard of PCS often want to know more about us.  Here are some commonly asked questions that clients share with us. One of the most common questions is "Who is PCS?"

PCS is a full service company that not only provides custom website design and programming to Private, Semi Private Country Clubs, Health Spas, Yacht Clubs and Sports Teams. We offer a wide range of I.T, Managed Services and Accounting Products in addition to the Website and Tee Time Software.

Q  How much will my website cost to build?

A:  Determining the cost of a website requires the consideration of several factors including, but not limited to:
• Will your site have a Public and Member area?
• Will your site have custom artwork, photography and graphic design
• Animation/Flash Presentations
• Statements on-line
• Golf Reservation System
• Real Estate Modules
• Shopping Cart
• Payments On-Line
• Extras such as a blog, forum, etc.
Each website PCS builds is tailored to the client's specific design choice, colors, special features and budget. 
Whether you want a site with a lot of Flash, or a very polished and professional presence we can work with you to create a unique website that's perfect for your business.
A free initial consultation to discuss your business needs and make sure that PCS has a firm understanding of your goals. After the initial consultation PCS will do a Demo of our software; look at your existing site and features; answer all your questions and submit a proposal for your review and approval.

Q: Why should I hire someone to do my site?

A:  Your website should reflect the same attention to detail and quality that the Staff and Members into your club.  Typically a great deal of time is spent creating the right image for your business and you will want to carry that image over to the Internet.
You could create your own site, but do you have the eye for design and the technical savvy to create that great first impression?  Web design technology is ever changing and you want to make sure your website displays properly with the majority of browsers.

Q:  How much control will I have with my website?

A:  Our Software gives clients full control and edit capabilities.  Content and images can be added by staff in user friendly formats.

Q: Can your website product intregrate with our current Accounting Software?

We would need more information about what type of Accounting Software you are using to answer your question; however, in most cases we will be able intregrate with a majority of programs and do not require that you to switch to our Accounting Software.

Q: Can our club arrange for Members to Pay their Account Invoices on-line?

A:  Yes, we can accomodate payments on-line in most circumstances.

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